Chatfield - Circa 1975

Thomas F. Chatfield
Canadian Landscape Artist

1921 - 1999

Born in Toronto, Tom Chatfield had one ambition as a youngster in public school - to be a pilot.

Before reaching high school, however, he was 'grounded', permanently, by his art teacher, Marjorie Hudgins. His number one fan, Miss Hudgins saw enough potential in young Chatfield to suggest art as a lifetime career.

Chatfield admits, "I forgot about flying and devoted myself to learning how to draw and paint and it's been my consuming commitment ever since."

From public school, Chatfield went to Northern Vocational High School which provided him with a solid grounding through a spectrum of graphic forms.

Graduating from Northern, he landed a job in the art department of Famous Players (Theatre), where he designed newspaper ads by day and by night he attended the Ontario College of Art (renamed in 1996 to 'Ontario College of Art & Design').

Eight years at OCA persuaded Chatfield he wanted to be a portrait painter. But in the 50's, encouraged by a fellow artist, he turned his attention to landscapes and once again his art orientation took a definitive turn.

By 1959, Tom Chatfield's vigorously painted landscapes were conveying enough individual style and impact to encourage Toronto's Upstairs Gallery to stage his first one-man show. Since then, he has had more than 60 one-man shows across Canada. Resigning from Famous Players in 1967, he painted full-time in his home-studio in Oakville, a few miles west of Toronto. Chatfield is known world-wide in many art circles and societies.

After retiring from Famous Players, he and his wife (Esther Chatfield) created their own company, Thomas Chatfield Investments Ltd., which is still active to this day. After his passing in 1999, Esther continued with the company at a reduced level until her passing in 2003. The company is now run by the surviving family of Graham Chatfield (Oakville) and Joan Clute (Sault Ste. Marie).

Early in 2006, the artistic wizardry of Tom Chatfield re-emerges. It is our pleasure to announce the Abbozzo Gallery of Toronto as our local representative. Please click on the graphic or anywhere on this paragraph for a discovery visit to the Abbozzo Gallery website.

A small sampling of Tom Chatfield works is presented below in thumbnail form. These pictures are copyrighted and remain the property of Thomas Chatfield Investments Ltd. All reproduction rights are reserved. Clicking on a thumbnail will enlarge the picture. Click on the larger picture to return here.

Autumn Creek     Winter Landscape     Beaver Dam     Lake Louise     Canadian Rockies


Autumn Morning     Raging River     Winters Day     Frozen Pond     General Store


Snowy Farmhouse     Out To Pasture

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